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Augusta’s Real Estate Market and the Influence of Augusta University

Augusta’s Real Estate Market and the Influence of Augusta University

Augusta is not only known for its southern charm, Masters golf tournament, or Fort Eisenhower, but also for being home to Augusta University. Augusta University is an educational hub located outside of the downtown area buzzing with students at the Medical and Dental Colleges of Georgia, as well as the Summerville campus. As an experienced real estate agent in Augusta, I’ve witnessed the positive impact that Augusta University has on the city’s real estate market.

Diverse Housing Needs

Augusta University is home to the Medical College and Dental College of Georgia. Augusta University has amazing research initiatives and academic programs, too. Each staff member and student will be looking for something different when it comes to housing. Short-term rentals could be a lucrative market since students will be looking for places to live during the semester. Staff members may be looking to settle down close by for a short commute. 

Strong And Steady

Since a new group of students will be moving into the area each year, there is a strong and steady demand for apartments and homes close to the Health Sciences and Summerville campuses. For investors, this creates a unique opportunity to provide nice accommodations for students. For sellers, the value of property close to the university’s campuses could be increased due to the proximity and location. For renters, you could have a lot of rental options since students will be constantly moving in and out each year. 


Augusta University is a great university to have in your local area. Students and staff members contribute to the local economy by spending their time and money on services and at local businesses. The university also brings a lot of new faces to the area by providing many jobs to people in healthcare, education, and administration. Cities with universities can create economic activity and provide a unique touch to the real estate market!

Ultimately, Augusta University helps shape the local economy and real estate market! Whether you’re a buyer, seller, renter, or investor, understanding the influence of Augusta University on the local area is key to building informed real estate decisions.

We hope that this blog post has provided valuable insights on how Augusta University impacts the local real estate market of Augusta, Georgia. If you would like an agent on your side in the CSRA, contact our team today!

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