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A Guide to Suburban Georgia Living | Suburbs to Keep an Eye On

A Guide to Suburban Georgia Living | Suburbs to Keep an Eye On

As an experienced real estate agent in Georgia, I have seen the ebbs and flows of suburban living changes. While urban living attracts a lot of younger buyers, there is a significant shift occurring – the push toward suburban living. In this blog, I will cover the factors contributing to the increase of suburban living in Georgia and some places to be on the lookout for in suburban Georgia.

1. The Desire for Space

The suburbs of Georgia is a great space to live and grow in. If you want the experience of a neighborhood or a few acres of land, you can find it all within the state of Georgia. People are desiring more space for relaxation and recreation.

2. Stellar School Systems

Georgia’s suburban school systems are well known for their commitment to child development growth. This provides families with peace of mind and a sense of community that will positively impact their children. If you are looking for charter or private schools, many suburban areas may have that option, too.

3. The Convenient Commute

As infrastructure improves to provide a well-connected suburb to city commute, Georgia suburbs are becoming more popular. The commute is not as long as people once perceived it to be. Residents can work in the industry and job that the city provides, but go home to a relaxing suburb community.

4. Affordable Living

Suburbs are much more affordable than city living. Your dollar can stretch much farther when it comes to daily needs, such as rent and groceries. Homebuyers often experience receiving more space and larger lots for a fraction of the cost of urban living.

5. Family-Friendly Experience

Suburbs are often hotspots for families which can mean high-quality schools, parks, and community centers. Parents also want to foster a safe community that their children can grow up and thrive in.

Suburban Communities in Georgia to Keep an Eye On

Athens – 

Athens, or “Classic City,” is a vibrant suburban city located in Eastern Georgia. Athens is known for its historic charm and proximity to the University of Georgia. The city has a college-town feel, but with an urban vibe. There is a strong sense of community, diverse dining options, and a busy music scene. 


Statesboro, Georgia is an up-and-coming suburban city located in Southeastern Georgia. Statesboro is home to the Georgia Southern University Eagles. The city attracts many students and young professionals with its proximity to Savannah and Pooler. As industries start to relocate or expand to Savannah, the Statesboro area will continue to grow. There are many recreational centers and dining options to make Statesboro a great place to call home.

Augusta – 

As an Augusta native, I can wholeheartedly say that the Augusta area is perfect for young professionals and families. Augusta is situated near the Savannah River and known for hosting the iconic Masters Golf Tournament every April. Augusta is known for more than just golf, Augusta has budding industries in medicine, cyber, and the military at Fort Gordon. The mix of historical elements and urban vibe make the suburban life of Augusta a perfect place to enjoy a slower pace of life while providing many cultural events, dining and shopping options.

We hope that this blog post has provided valuable insights on the recent changes in suburban Georgia. If you would like an agent on your side in the Augusta area, contact our team today!

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